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Grow High-Quality Cannabis with Living Organic Methods

Living organic is the most popular non-chemical, sustainable, and affordable way to grow high-quality cannabis.

Step-by-Step Video Training

One-on-One Plant Coaching

Online Community of Cannabis Growers

Cannabis Training

Get instant access to hours of training.

85+ Videos and Growing

The one source to get a complete understanding of growing cannabis

Plant Diagnosis

Learn how to read and diagnose your own plants to avoid costly mistakes

Grow Inside or Outside

Extensive training on growing cannabis inside or outside

1.18+ Million YouTube Views

Your new cannabis growing coach Kyle de Montigny is one of the top YouTube cannabis influencers.

Your Personal Cannabis Coach

After starting your membership, you’ll be given instructions on how to ask questions to expert grower Kyle de Montigny. Kyle and his team of instructors will help you analyze your cannabis, troubleshoot any issues, and help ensure you can consistently grow high-quality cannabis.


LIVE Cannabis Webinars

Live Q&A with Kyle where you can get instant answers to your most pressing cannabis questions.



See what students are saying about CannaGrow Online.

“I’m just getting started with growing and can’t wait to learn how to successfully do this.”


“These lessons are FIRE… Because of CannaGrow Online my 2021 season is going to be epic.”


“This is my first grow and it was incredibly helpful seeing the process from start to finish!”


Access 15+ Courses

Our courses are designed to address every aspect of growing with no prior experience required to follow along.

One-on-One Plant Coaching

Submit your questions to me for one-on-one coaching sessions and to overcome any challenges you face when growing.

Online Cannabis Community

Join the CannaGrow Online community and you’ll meet growers from around the world, get tips and tricks for growing great cannabis, and find new friends!

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What if I have no experience?

There is no experience required. The training is step-by-step and can be easily followed if you’re a beginner.

What if I can only grow indoors?

The training includes both growing cannabis indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse.

Is it legal to grow Cannabis?

Growing cannabis is legal in many countries around the world, but you are solely responsible for following the laws of where you reside.

Can I get help from Kyle?

Yes, members of CannaGrow Online are encouraged to ask Kyle any questions related to growing cannabis.