Cannabis Plant Training to Get Higher Yields

Training your cannabis plant can increase its yield. Growers can maximize their cannabis plants’ production by optimizing their structures through selective pruning or bending. There are many benefits to training marijuana plants. Here are the top. Increased Yield is one of many benefits of cannabis-training. It can increase your cannabis plants yield. You can increase the number of buds sites on your plant and make denser buds.

Better light penetration

You can train your cannabis plants to have a uniform canopy that lets more light through the lower trees. This can help you grow stronger and more powerful buds from lower branches.

Improved airflow

Can be achieved by training cannabis plants. This can reduce the possibility of pest infestations and prevent mold growth.

You have more control

Through plant training, growers are able to exert greater control over the form and structure of their plants. Indoor growers might find this especially helpful, since they may need to maximize the use of their limited space. There are many ways you can increase your cannabis yields. Here are some of our favorites:


This is where the top of the main stem is removed in order to encourage two more main branches to grow. This helps to create a uniform canopy, which encourages plants produce more buds.

LST (Low Stress Training)

Involves gently benting the branch of the plant to create an even canopy. This allows more light to penetrate the lower branches and promotes greater bud development.

SCROG (Screens are placed over the plants)

The branches are woven through them as they grow. This helps to create a more even canopy, which encourages more buds development.

Super Cropping

This is where you gently squeeze your stem to create a knot. This can increase your plant’s ability produce more buds.

The best way for increasing your cannabis plant’s yield is to train cannabis plants. You can modify the growth patterns of cannabis to increase yield and improve health. Plant training might be the best option for anyone who wants to grow cannabis.