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15+ Courses & Growing


Introduction to the training, Kyle and cannabis.

 I talk about a couple of important aspects of the training. I also share a bit of me, your teacher Kyle de Montigny. And we begin our journey into cannabis with the lessons titled “living organics” and what is “hydroponics.”

Cannabis Plant Introduction

Learn about the plant anatomy.

This course discusses basic plant anatomy and plant behaviors. I also talk about common terminology used in the cannabis community.


Learn about the genetics of cannabis plants.

When cultivating cannabis, understanding genetics is essential for many reasons. You will always hear people say genetics genetics genetics because genetics are genuinely that important in attaining the highest level of cannabis.


Soil, the stuff of life!

In this course, we will be sharing my favorite soil recipes and different methods of no-till farming. Also, we will soon begin diving more into soil science.


Understanding the application of water.

This course covers all we need to understand about water and watering our plants.

Plant and Soil Nutrition

The food your plants thrive on.

This course talks about how and what to feed out living organic cannabis plants. This course will continue to grow, as I plan to make many lessons about the amendment available to purchase and make ourselves at home!


Keep your plants comfortable.

Just like people, cannabis prefers specific living conditions to thrive. This course will be dedicated to talking about all aspects of the necessary environmental needs of plants and different control methods.

Anatomy and Plant Functions

The science behind cannabis.

In this course, we go deeper into some science to help us better read our plants and understand their needs.

Training Techniques and Pruning

How to properly prune your plants.

We will cover many techniques we can use to re-shape the structure of our plant to achieve maximum yields and quality.


Everything light-related (indoors and outdoors)

This course will cover lighting information about plant light requirements, agricultural lighting equipment, and light spectrum.


Learn how to use your equipment.

I will share as much information as I can about equipment. This course will be a continuous work in progress because there are many cultivation methods indoors and outdoors, and there are even more options for equipment. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice when planning your purchases.

Harvest, Dry, Trim, and Cure

It’s make or break time!

Harvesting at the perfect moment and drying and curing properly will ultimately determine your final product’s quality. Even the best cannabis dried and cured incorrectly will greatly lose its quality. We want the best quality!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Prevention and Eradication

This course will cover beneficial insects and other organisms we can use in our gardens to help in pest prevention and eradication.

2021 Outdoors

Learn from my personal journey growing cannabis. 

This is going to be documentation of everything I do to my outdoor cannabis plants. I would like you all to feel as though you are there in the garden with me.

Magnum Auto

Big guns from Buddha seeds

This course brings you on the journey with me as I grow a couple of Magnum Autoflower plants from Buddha seeds.

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Get help or ask Kyle your cannabis questions if you can't find the answer in the training.