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About Kyle de Montigny

Kyle de Montigny

Hey everyone, my name is Kyle de Montigny, I’m a husband and a father of three children. I have lived in British Columbia for most of my life. Like most people in BC, I spent my young life swimming in lakes and rivers, 4x4ing, snowboarding, and spending as much time in nature as I could. In 2007, I lived in California and attended tech school, where I began my automotive career as a young man. My background is chassis fabrication. I have built and worked on cars, trucks, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, mining vehicles, custom trailers, boats, yachts, 4x4s, hotrods, and record-breaking race cars. I have demonstrated a strong aptitude to design, build, tune, and diagnose complex systems.

In 2016 my pregnant wife and our oldest child were in a major car accident. In the first year of running my own business, Danger Customs, and due to my wife’s injuries, I decided to put my business on hold to help care for my family. This was a point of redirection in my life and a major precursor to my stepping into the cannabis industry.

Let’s jump to the date October 17, 2018, the day that recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. The moment the government legalized cannabis, I decided to take cannabis growing to the same level I took car building. Knowing that I could now legally cultivate cannabis, I hit the ground running. I began doing research, experimenting, and untangling the web of misinformation that surrounds the cannabis industry. Throughout trial and error, I have developed a system of correctly and accurately knowing what a plant’s needs are. I have learned to read plants to achieve a more symbiotic approach to gardening and achieve the highest quality of organic cannabis.

The journey It took me to get where I am as a cannabis gardener involved an incredible amount of research and trial and error. In 2020 I began my YouTube channel CannaGrowBC which was intended to help people understand cannabis cultivation and living organics, hoping that others would not have to do the research I have done. So the world could be full of high-quality cannabis the way it should be! The YouTube channel has grown, and I am now helping many people cultivate cannabis and have led many people to successful crops. I am currently assisting high numbers of people with their gardens. I am very excited to have created CannaGrow Online to provide growers with all the information and guidance they will need to grow high-quality cannabis.